Yesterday evening, Ravinder called me as he wants me to help him buying a pendrive.
He’s one of my best friends. We first met in counseling at Gurukul during 2006. Actually he was the guy I had been sitting next for about six hours atleast in CLT-I that day (same way as I met Shashank Mehta at St. Mary’s entrance test in 2000).
Since then Ravinder found my technology enthusiasm very interesting. Though he’s now a dropout of B.Sc.

I suggested him to go for Kingston’s Datatraveller 2gb(cost effective) or San disk Titanium Cruzer (coz it’s downright sexy! look wise). He visited Bhalla Business and Education Center and other PC shops for the same but all of them shown him Transcend’s and other such low brands. Now he’s in the same problem as Dushyant faced few months ago who later on opted for Umax.
People use to have this type of problem in this city when going for a particular brand and model which is not available in the local market resulting they’re left with no choice other than picking up what’s available.
So, I told him to get one from Dehradoon market instead.

And he also liked my caller tune…. Nelly Furtado’s Say It Right


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