No post since 10th of Feb. !!

I’m busy for a while in University Examination and will be regular on this blog after 26th of May.

And there’s a long gap between the last paper (Organic Chemistry) and the next one (Botany-II-Plant Physiology) so I guess I’m utilizing this time very well.

Look I finished watching

1. Alvin and The Chipmunks;

2. Juno;and

3. The Darjeeling Limited.

and I’m looking forward to watch Chakushin Ari.

 Actually I went to a video library (Sharma’s in Shivalik Nagar) for One Missed  Call  but ended up with Chakushin Ari as he suggested that original one i.e. the Japaneese one is better from which One missed Call is recycled !

Talking about studies, I’m doing just fine in it! Right now I’m preparing for Botany Paper- I ( Taxonomy & Anatomy)



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