Boring Schedule !

I thought that I’ll be regular on this blog once my exams gets over but I failed to do so.

Blame it on my laziness and that Vocational Training. From past one week I am wandering in Industrial Area and SIDCUL with my friend Ritu (She’s also interested in for the same) but not a single company is ready to take us as a trainee.

Now both of us somehow managed to join Pollution Control Research Institute, BHEL via HRDC.

Folks at HRDC told us to reach their office at 8 o’clock sharp in the morning for getting a gate pass but we reached there at 9:30 AM. By that time they already closed that department of making gate passes.

Damn how it could be possible- A government entity punctual in time!

Most funniest part is that they (at HRDC) had a objection about the way Ritu was dressed up….. he he !!

Anyway tomorrow we have to go there again to get our Gate Passes ready.

Hope we reach there at time. Wish us luck!


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