First Day at Pollution Control Research Institute, BHEL.

I got my bike serviced today at 11:30AM after the last service of December.

Mechanic at Hero Honda Service Center told me that my bike’s piston kit is to be replaced as the bike is emitting lots of smoke. It’s going to cost me somewhere around 1800 bucks including labour charges. I was short of time this morning as I’d to report at BHEL main gate for the gate pass so I said him to do so later.

And finally we got possession of our gate passes.

Reported PCRI at 1:45PM!

We entered Microbiology lab of PCRI where they were performing a test for Total Coliforms and Fecal Coliforms for River Water sample from Uttarkashi.

They shown us Membrane Filteration Kit and its working.

I forgot the exact name of the medium they used for TC and FC .

They showed us a special kinda box/ machine (?) named Field Microbiology Kit which comprises of each & every equipment used in Microbiology tests of various samples on the spot. This Field Microbiology Kit arrived there today imported from Germany with a broken component. So no question of using it right now.

After that we went to Water Testing Lab where we done BOD analysis for the samples from Effluent Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant of Hero Honda’s SIDCUL facility.


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