Another event at GKU Haridwar!

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Today I attended another event at GKU. It was the inaugural function of Summer School on The Recent Trends in Biotechnology, spearheaded & sponsored by the State Biotechnology Programme Govt. Of Uttarakhand, Haldi, UdhamSingh Nagar. The function was adorned by lots of guests including Vice Chancellor Prof. Swantatra Kumar, Department Heads & Professors, Dr. Ved Prakash Shastri, Dr. Vijay Shankar (Founder of the Department of Microbiology at GKU,Haridwar) , Dr. A.K. Chopra (Registrar), Dr. A.M. Purohit (Retd. Prof. Botany H.N.B., Gharwaal) and the “Guest of Honour” Dr. Rajendra Dhobhal(Senior Scientific Advisor, State Biotech. Programme).

The workshop is focused on Plant Tissue Culture & Molecular Biology with Special Reference to Microbial Diversity. The experts from I.I.T Delhi; Delhi University North & South Campus; JNU, Delhi; Jamia Hamdard University and IMTech Chandigarh will be delivering their lectures on concerned topics during this workshop which is going to last 15 days.

Dr. R.C. Dubey (H.O.D Botany & Micro) started this event with his words after lighting the lamp, The Lamp of Light in his words, Vice-Chancellor Prof Swantantra Kumar appreciated this workshop & also assured for other such events in future.

Dr. R.C. Dubey urged Prof. Ved Prakash Shastri to deliver his speech in Sanskrit. Though most of the audience faced problem deciphering his Sanskrit articulation but it was subtle.

Then Dr. R.C. Dubey ceded the mic to Dr. A.M. Purohit who started with rather ribtickling part saying that “I don’t wanna die the miserable death of Bhishmah Pitamah” as Dr. R.C. Dubey honoured him as the Bhishmah Pitamah of Botany for the Uttarakhand Students. He has been awarded Padamshree Award from Govt. of India.

We must understand the recent concepts of Biotech & so as the advance tools. For this one should concentrate and put hands on practical work, he said.

Citing the example of a product developed by Japan using 10-12 plants products & fermenting to produce it on mass scale he explained the big scope of Fermentation Technology. These industries follows herbal scenario, he added.

In proceeding event Dr. Rajendra Dhobhal pondered into pre-eminent contribution of Indians in various fields citing LHC,Geneva; BPO Sector; Biotechnology. He admired the fact that there are good human resources in India. He also said that the rise in all scientific research fields is attributed to the spurt in I.T industry.

State government’s Biotechnology department culled Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar among three institutes- I.I.T Roorkee, IVRI Mukteshwar and GKU Haridwar.

The Department of Microbiology at University of Gurklul Kangri is also celebrating its silver jubilee. And on this occassion Prof. Swatantra Kumar awarded Rs-25000 to Prof. Vijay Shankar as laurel who established this department and was present at this event.

Also there present was the 1994’s student of Grukul, Mr.Sumitra Pandey. He works as export manager in a MNC St.herb Cosmetics International Co., Ltd., Thailand.

Final Words:-

We UK’ians can also earn millions of dollars like America and other first world countries solely from Insulin– Dr. R.C. Dubey.

Here’s the list other upcoming events at GKU, Haridwar.


4 thoughts on “Another event at GKU Haridwar!

    1. Nice comment of what?……
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      You got a great way to attract traffic to your website.
      Anyway I visited it. You got nice set of pictures over there!
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  1. Hi Ankit , nice to see your blog and specially to know all about microbiology department progress in Gurukul , when I was there (1996-2001) micro department was progressing now its really good. Hope to see some more good events

    Ashok chaturvedi

    1. @Ashok Chaturvedi.. I’m glad to see you here on my blog. But if you had been a part of this department then I guess you’ve missed the Microbiology Alumni Meet-2009 that was held in the month of February.

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