For those who missed otherwise a wonderful event.

Finally this workshop ended on September 30. Here’s the whole workshop at glance.

Following eminent Professors and Scientists from different Universities and Institutes across the India were there to attend this event and to deliver their lectures:-

Dr. U.C. Lavania of Central Institute of Medical and Aromatic Plants(CIMAP), Lucknow gave lecture on Chromosome diagnostics in Genomics era.

Dr. Vinod Kumar of Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi informed students about R&D opportunities in India. He explained how proactive and constructive role DST is playing in promoting development of new areas of science and technology. The Ministry of Science and technology is supporting budding scientists to access major international research facilities abroad.

Prof. H.B. Singh of Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi explained students the functionality and the benefits of Biopesticides, particularly explaining his and his department work in the production of biopesticides from Trichoderma spp microbe. He discussed steps involved in the development, production and commercialization and patenting of microbial products. He also told students how a microbiologist can make the techniques developed by him more lucrative from the industrial point of view.

Dr. H.S. Ginwal of Division of Genetics and Tree Propagation, FRI Dehradun explained DNA Markers. He discussed Plant Biotechnology, Plant Propagation and Recombinant DNA Technology (Genetic Engineering).

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain of Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTech) Chandigarh told students how microorganisms can be indispensable in degrading some otherwise harmful chemicals while explaining Bioremediation and work done by his Institute.

Prof. Meenu Saraaf, Department of Microbiology, Gujrat University, Ahemdabad gave her lecture on Biofuels. Considering the present CO2 emission levels and environmental conditions biofuels like Biodiesel are boon for the world. She pondered about biodiesel from source like Jatropha curcas seeds to meet economic, energy and environmental requirements.

Dr. R. Saravanamuttu of Department of Botany A.V.C College, Chennai explained students the biological control of soil borne plant diseases.

Prof. D.K. Maheshwari of Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar gave lecture on The Industrial Fermentation Process whilst Prof. R.C. Dubey emphasized on Animal Biotechnology especially Transgenic (Hybrid) Animals.

Dr. Subhash of IIT New Delhi and Piyush Pandey of Sardar Bhagwaan Singh College Dehradun with the help of Sandeep Kumar, Abhinav Aeron, Harish, Rajat, Narendra Maheshwari, Pankaj and Pradeep of Department of Microbiology, GKU Haridwar demonstrated students the Immobilized Cell Culture for Fermentation Process and Recombinant DNA Technology respectively.

On the valedictory function Prof. Ved Prakash Shastri, Prof. D.K. Maheshwari, Prof. A.K. Chopra distributed certificates to the participants.

This workshop helped students to apprehend various crucial topics of Biotechnology and Microbiology.


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