Science and Technology Intervention in Traditional and Rural Crafts: A workshop

A two days workshop and training on Science and Technology Intervention in Traditional and Rural Crafts, sponsored by Uttarakhand State Council of Science and Technology under its Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, that was held at Botany and Microbiology Department of  the Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar between 27-28th of August.

Prof. Swantantra Kumar-Vice Chancellor,GKV Haridwar at exhibition.
Prof. Swantantra Kumar-Vice Chancellor,GKV Haridwar at exhibition.

Prof. D.K. Maheshwari, Co-ordinator UCOST District Haridwar, told that due to the prominence of science and technology development of the traditional knowledge and the associated small-scale industries are in a critical stage of extinction. This has resulted in umpteen number of unemployment in our country. With this age old knowledge is also on the verge of its extinction.

Even today 70 percent part of the total population of the Uttarakhand belongs to the rural area. Despite of the harsh geographical conditions, lack of instruments and challenging dwelling conditions our farmers and craftsmen are adopting self-employment. It contributed a lot towards the economy of this country, he added.

Nearly 150 craftsmen from all over the Uttarakhand participated in this workshop which was directed towards the training of the financially weak weavers, carpenters, blacksmiths, jewelers and Handicraftsmen.

Workshop was inaugurated by chief guest Prof. H.P.Garg (former Director General Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology).

Prof. H.P. Garg said that this country has seen many revolutions in the field of agriculture and that of technology but still our country lacks self-employment. He told that after agriculture craftsmanship is the most seen employment adopted by people.

Dr. Venketramani of of Bhabha Atomic research Centre Mumbai expressed the need of opening craftsmanship research institutes in our country. He added that an amenable approach is needed to play a more proactive role in the development of these industries.

The exhibition was also organized to attract the viewers which was adorned by the items of Jaspur-Kashipur Block Printing Society, Navjyoti Handicraft and Handloom Development Centre Mohanpura Roorkee, Himalayan Handloom- Handicraft Society Veerpur, Doonda Uttarkashi and Mangalore Handloom Society, etc.

On this occasion Prof . Swantantra Kumar, vice-chancellor and Pro vice-chancellor Prof. Vedprakash Shastri; Dr. Rajendera Dobhal, Director UCOST, Dehradun; Dr. Chandra Prakash, Senior Scientist, DST, New Delhi; Dr. Venketramani of Bhabha Atomic research Centre Mumbai, Dr. Prashant Singh, District Comptroller-UCOST, Dehradun and Head of the Department Prof. R.C. Dubey, Prof A.K. Chopra, Dr. B.P. Purohit, Prof. P. Kaushik, Dr. G.P.Gupta, Dr. Navneet, Dr. Sandeep Kumar and Dr. Prabhat benefited participants.

Dr. H.P. Garg lighting the Lamp.Prof. D.K. Maheshwari delivering his words.Dr. Rajendera Dobhal, Director UCOST, Dehradun


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