Chaiwalaa’s Kid.

Chaiwalaa’s Kid., originally uploaded by Ankit.Chauhan.

Via Flickr:Had a very busy day at my Lab, yesterday. Was totally exhausted by the 5 in the evening but couldn’t leave as we have to prepare requisition slips for the chemicals and reagents that currently my lab is running out of.
We have to buy so much of reagents and chemicals but our funds for this year haven’t approved yet by our funding agency. Still some how we managed to get as much we can get from scientist and other left over funds that can get our lab work going for one or two months.
And by the time we closed our lab, my head was craving for rest but my colleague resisted that we should get some refreshment on our way to home. Then we stopped by this tea- shop.Still occupied by the worries of my career and my lab, suddenly I noticed this kid playing by the rack of snacks. As I watched him playing for a moment my head started to get relaxed and decided to take out my camera to fire couple of shots.

Not like other kids, he posed so many poses for me while I was picturing him.


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