About Me

I’m currently pursuing my undergraduate graduate programme in Industrial Microbiology at University of Gurukul Kangri Haridwar (Uttarakhand).

This blog is about my personal interests.

Here’s something that I would like to say:-

Way back in 2004, sometime in summer vacation I grabbed a computer magazine (IC-Chip) from Cambridge Book Depot, Civil Lines, Roorkee cause of its cover story Confessions of a Connectivity Addict by Kiran Jonnalagadda (known online as Jace).

After reading that story I realized how interesting it is to share your thoughts, your work and your life online with the people of similar interest. But at that time I was too busy in my studies to start a blog, as I was in XII standard at that time.

With the end of the year 2005 I bought myself a decent camera phone, SE’s W800i and signed up for Live Journal’s free blog account. To my surprise LJ’s free account limited me to post text only, I wanted to share pictures that I took from my camera phone and that too from the phone itself. This feature requires me to sign up for a paid account. So, I went looking for free online photo sharing communities, and discovered Busythumbs.co.uk.

They were offering me a mobile blog allowing me to post pictures with text on my blog page via MMS. I promptly signed up to their service and posted lots of pictures from my camera phone. I’d posted almost every single picture that I took from my phone and by the time one year spent on that blog, it became a deposit box for my pictures.

Though in the beginning I didn’t bother about feedback and comments to my posts but later I started thinking so. My posts hardly received any feedback. So, I stopped posting anything on that blog. With my recent post getting older and older one day in Feb’07, I received a mail from busythumbs.co.uk saying that my account is closed as per terms to which I agreed at the time of signing up.

And then I started using blogger.com. All these abandoned blogs ended up as a way to store my thoughts and after sometime I stopped blogging.

Now, I needed internet just for downloading music, email, taking part in forms/communities of interest to keep pace with the technology.

But again with the start of this year I’m feeling that I must blog. But this time I’m not going to focus on a particular field though to become a famous blogger requires having a focus.

Now I’m here to bring out the random me or the genuine me, to share what I thought of the things and the people around me and that inspire me. The people who influence my daily thoughts deserve an acknowledgement. I think making my life open in public I’ll be able to gain trustworthiness. This blog is going to be about how I live, things I do or like.

I realized that blogging is not just about updating web pages, but more of a literary spectacle. I want to make web more useful by sharing what I know. May be you end up here finding the solutions of your problems.

So, here I want to promise that:-

I’ll update my blog several times. To be well-connected in the blogosphere, I’ll spend time commenting and responding to other blog posts of interest as well, trying less to engage in matters that are accessible elsewhere. Naturally, writing only when I’ve something unique or important to share. Hope I’ll be able to maintain them even if the initial enthusiasm wears off.