Blogging in a new way

Windows_Live_Writer_logo copy Ever since I moved to WordPress from Livejournal, for quite a few reason I always felt that something is missing in WordPress. For LJ allowed me to post from anywhere and from any device – be it is email or phone via MMS or a desktop client. Whilst on WordPress I didn’t find such features initially.

I googled a lot to find a way to post to my WordPress blog from a phone via email or MMS but didn’t find anything interesting. At that time it was possible only with a self-hosted blog.

So I tried Opera on my Nokia N72 but typing long posts into a phone browser was a tedious job with most of the advance feature inaccessible to me.

Because of all this I left with only one option to post- a PC! To post from PC I went looking for a desktop based client for WordPress like LJ has but ended up with nothing.

Other features of LJ that I wanted to be in WordPress were – embedding location of user at the time of posting a blog entry, showing current music track and mood in a post.

While rummaging for current music and current mood fields I found that these features can be implemented into WordPress blog by adding custom fields. It can be done by copying a few line of code in your blog’s CSS. Again modifying CSS needs you to have a self-hosted blog. (learn here how to do it)

Due to all these reason I found eons ago designed Live Journal to be better than WordPress. But it seems like things changed now. Few months ago I discovered that WordPress has implemented Post by email feature of free hosted blogs too. and I enabled it at the very next moment.

Just yesterday I again got an itching to search a desktop client to WordPress and stumbled upon Windows Live Writer. I found it to be a decent tool with lots of plug-in available for customization according to your requirement. In the plug-in list on the Windows Live Writer site I saw that there are more than three such plug-in to show current music track in your blog post. I downloaded two of such plug-in and found them equally useful.

Here’s a picture to show the list all plug-ins I’m using currently.

Untitled-2 copy

This is the first post that I’m composing from Windows Live Writer and I’m so elated to see how smoothly  things move now. And you can see that now I almost found a solution to the discrepancy between Live Journal and WordPress!

music note Current Music: Jack Johnson-Angel


Custom fonts for current theme

From the posts that I’d imported from my Live Journal account I realized that if I use this code in my posts I can use the font of my own choice.

Here’s the code:-

“<p class=”MsoNormal”><span style=”font-size:9pt;font-family:Verdana;”></span>”

Though Robin promised me that once I get a self-hosted blog he’ll write a  new CSS for my blog according to my needs.

Too many tweets

After three days of break I’m trying to log into twitter and seeing this message:-

Too many tweets

With the news like Facebook  implementing a new design just to fight back the wave of publicity and success earned by rival social network Twitter I wonder what is the future of this anything 140 characters blogging!

While browsing through blog posts on Readomattic I arrived at a post (sadly I lost the post’s url)  that had a very clear explanation of the future of this kinda blogging.

Here’s an elaborate Facebook vs Twitter comparision.

Anyway Happy Holi to all friends! free prints online

With the prevailing laziness of visiting photo labs to get the photos printed I resorted to an online photo printing service named Zoomin.

This evening I received my first print order of fifteen 4×6 inches photos that I placed on 15th. It charged me only Rs-28 as shipping charges while the first fifteen prints was free of cost as per their promotional incentive.

I’m really impressed by the quality of the prints and the speed of their service, something that the photo labs in my city completely lack. Felt good!

Their website interface is similar to that of Flickr with small changes here and there. They’re using the same desktop uploading tool as the flickr does. Zoomin allows you to print your photos in almost every size of your choice. Print it on mugs, T-Shirts, etc or create calendars, posters whatever you want.

Also signed up for Twitter. Tried to add Twitter widget to my blog but it failed. Both html and the flash require self-hosted blog.

The only reason why I’m not having a self-hosted blog is that I’m unable to figure out a domain name.

Anyway added Twitter RSS feed to a new RSS widget in the sidebar.

Back In Action!

Well it took 16 days to BSNL to figure out the problem and fix it. Now they got my DSL working. They always take that much time to deal with my DSL broadband problems because of the fact that I’m the only one subscriber of BSNL broadband in this area (Laksar Road).
Moreover, this month they billed me with an obsolete amount of Rs-10844 according to HOME250 plan which I already changed on 24th of October to HOME750 plan with unlimited download/upload. However they corrected my bill now and I’ve to pay only Rs-843 monthly.

BSNL Broadband!

After protracted delay, I finally got my BSNL Broadband installed toady.

I insisted BSNL in the form, a modem with four Ethernet ports but the BSNL’s chap came up with a modem having just one Ethernet and one USB port, saying that the modem that I mentioned in the form is no longer supplied by BSNL.

Damn, How I gonna share my DSL with another PC/laptop/Portable Wi-Fi device ?(Currently, none of which I have).

And after today’s extravagant browsing spree I hitherto ended up spending substantial 40MB of my 1GB quota! (HOME 250 Plan gives you 1GB free usage for Rs-250).

Update:- Actually It wasn’t 45MB it was 270MB 😦 !!