Leaving Indian Veterinary Research Institute

Officially left IVRI, mecca of Indian veterinarians, on 25th of last month but left some of my books, PC & other belongings here in the institute’s guest house. So today I reached IVRI along with a friend, as luggage on the return journey to Haridwar was going to be huge.

Reaching Bareilly to visit IVRI this time was quite a pain & fun too. I was unable to get reservation for either side journey. I blame it on the pilgrims rush to Haridwar in summers while dad blame it on my laziness of not getting up at time to get reservation.

Whatever it may be, but this journey gave me a new experience. While going to Bareilly from Haridwar, that’s yesterday, I reached Haridwar railway station just 15 minutes before the train was actually scheduled to leave. Then I’ve to stand in a long queue of people quarreling to get tickets.
Somehow I managed to get two tickets on time but on reaching train we found the coaches of our train fully packed with perspiring people. We tried hard to get ourselves inside those coaches but in vain.

Suddenly I saw the Guard’s cabin (Break Car) and a tall fat man, in his early 40s, dressed in white shirt and pants chatting to someone on his walkie-talkie. And within a fraction of second of seeing this man a weird thought came to my mind. Yup! I asked railway Guard if we could sit and travel in Break Car (Guard’s coach), hoping that he might be having something better to sit.
Although he agreed to us but all my initial thoughts of traveling on comfy chairs or berths vanished when we faced the reality.
That Break Car was having a single chair intended only for Guard. But later he showed us a small room to sit on the right side of his coach. That space is actually meant for the luggage with nothing close to a place for sitting and traveling.
We both traveled in that luggage compartment. Our backs were fighting hard to have any possible comfort that one could expect to get there  only by frequently changing the sitting postures.

Reaching Bareilly at around 5 O’clock in the morning, I found my eyes lids struggling hard to meet each other and get a sleep of 3-4 hours. So we quickly picked an auto to Izatnagar and reached my hostel in IVRI.

Dr. Vikram, a colleague and M.VSc. student of Vet. Parasitology was generous enough to wake up & open his room’s door that early in the morning for us. We surrendered ourselves to the bed immediately after he took us in and went on one and half hour sleep.

After taking breakfast with my friends, we left IVRI for Haridwar at 10 am along with huge luggage and my PC.

Even with that amount of luggage with us the returning journey is quite an easy task. Was able to get window side berth from which I’m currently enjoying the countryside view and composing this post.
Weather up to Moradabad from Bareilly was very hot but as train cruised towards Haridwar weather started to change, as it was raining since yesterday in Haridwar. I was getting my face washed by cool winds that were coming from this window. Moreover, the grey cloudy sky over the luxuriant greenery of farmlands again provoked the thoughts of her in my mind. So before I start to feel sad and lonely in her thoughts I decided to divert my mind in composing this post.
Not even composed the whole thing and I’m almost reached Haridwar.


M.Sc. Ist Semester ahead

December is going to be a month for the first semester of my four semester course of M.Sc in Microbiology. To get the inspiration and energy to complete topics of the syllabus with speed I needed something to remind me every second about the number of days left for the semester. So I downloaded a month view of November and the December in MS word format from Printable 2009 calendar. Then I marked corresponding dates with the paper code and the paper name, printed it and posted it in front of me and here:-

December semester Date Sheet

music note Current Music: Led Zeppelin-Stairway To Heaven

The items I carry.

The items I carry.

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I was thinking of getting my own shot of the stuff I usually carry after watching lots of such shots in two groups what’s in your bag & The items we carry . And finally i got one for the later one. Though my photo is inspired from the Gustavfriends‘s version of The items i carry.

These are the things that I carry in my pockets, though there’re lots of other things in my bag…. but it’s not allowed to post in this group.


Kumau University students protesting to get addmission.
Kumau University students protesting to get addmission.

I’m back in Haridwar after 3 days. Counseling of P.G. courses at G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar cancelled again & that’s after giving admission to 125 students. Thanks to our Uttaranchal government’s orders to shut the counseling because Kumau University students didn’t have their final result declared yet!

With the sun at its zenith I was standing in the line for the completion of the paperwork, but in vain. It’s seems like the Kumau University students were hellbent to stop the counseling.

In spite of protesting in their own university for non-declaration of result they were insisting to stop the counseling. Due this admission procedure halted for an hour but after that the counseling continued with a tumult outside the admission cell.

These mayhem creating guys somehow managed to get the stay order till 26th of August from chief minister.

At 6:30pm after giving admission to about 125 students they announced that this counseling has been cancelled without giving any statement about those students who got admission till then.


I was called for the second counseling on 27th August again which I attended. On 27th I was not given admission because the counseling was not resumed from the point it was left. The students whose documents and advance fees were submitted should have been given admission first. But it started by giving admission to the students between the the Rank 1-132,  who were unable to produce result on 11th of August.  And by the time my number was called the Biochemistry and Microbiology branches were full.

Then I asked for Plant Pathology in Agriculture college. The dean of the Agriculture college said –“Ok you got a great combination of subjects in your bachelor degree( Microbiology, Botany & Chemistry), you can opt Plant Pathology!”

But then the bad luck arrives—-

Deans of other college that were present there asked again for my subject in B.Sc. before giving me that course. I said Microbiology, Botany & Chemistry.

Then they said Zoology,Botany, Chemistry is required for that subject & for every else course in our university other than Biochemistry & Microbiology.

Actually they were following the admission procedure as per the university prospectus but the question that bugs me even today is that- what zoology has to do with Plant Pathology?!

I think Microbiology is the only second thing that is needed other than Botany to become a Plant Pathologist!

And just because I’d not studied zoology during my bachelor course I was denied admission to G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology  at Pantnagar!


I was wrong over there. Yesterday I downloaded U2’s The Unforgettable Fire and listened it four times.
Found Zooropa which I downloaded last time has better tunes.
Still got $44.60 credit in my iTunes Store account. Got no idea what to do with that!
Ritu called me today just to inform me of her result. She got 77% this time.
Completed Virulogy, including general characters, viruses of bacteria & archea; and viruses of eucaryotes from Prescott et. al.
Deepansh suggested to try GNDU, Amritsar for M.Sc. Going to call them tomorrow.
Also have to visit Prateek’s place at Roorkee in the morning after 10 O’clock.