M.Sc. Ist Semester ahead

December is going to be a month for the first semester of my four semester course of M.Sc in Microbiology. To get the inspiration and energy to complete topics of the syllabus with speed I needed something to remind me every second about the number of days left for the semester. So I downloaded a month view of November and the December in MS word format from Printable 2009 calendar. Then I marked corresponding dates with the paper code and the paper name, printed it and posted it in front of me and here:-

December semester Date Sheet

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Science and Technology Intervention in Traditional and Rural Crafts: A workshop

A two days workshop and training on Science and Technology Intervention in Traditional and Rural Crafts, sponsored by Uttarakhand State Council of Science and Technology under its Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, that was held at Botany and Microbiology Department of  the Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar between 27-28th of August.

Prof. Swantantra Kumar-Vice Chancellor,GKV Haridwar at exhibition.
Prof. Swantantra Kumar-Vice Chancellor,GKV Haridwar at exhibition.

Prof. D.K. Maheshwari, Co-ordinator UCOST District Haridwar, told that due to the prominence of science and technology development of the traditional knowledge and the associated small-scale industries are in a critical stage of extinction. This has resulted in umpteen number of unemployment in our country. With this age old knowledge is also on the verge of its extinction.

Even today 70 percent part of the total population of the Uttarakhand belongs to the rural area. Despite of the harsh geographical conditions, lack of instruments and challenging dwelling conditions our farmers and craftsmen are adopting self-employment. It contributed a lot towards the economy of this country, he added.

Nearly 150 craftsmen from all over the Uttarakhand participated in this workshop which was directed towards the training of the financially weak weavers, carpenters, blacksmiths, jewelers and Handicraftsmen.

Workshop was inaugurated by chief guest Prof. H.P.Garg (former Director General Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology).

Prof. H.P. Garg said that this country has seen many revolutions in the field of agriculture and that of technology but still our country lacks self-employment. He told that after agriculture craftsmanship is the most seen employment adopted by people.

Dr. Venketramani of of Bhabha Atomic research Centre Mumbai expressed the need of opening craftsmanship research institutes in our country. He added that an amenable approach is needed to play a more proactive role in the development of these industries.

The exhibition was also organized to attract the viewers which was adorned by the items of Jaspur-Kashipur Block Printing Society, Navjyoti Handicraft and Handloom Development Centre Mohanpura Roorkee, Himalayan Handloom- Handicraft Society Veerpur, Doonda Uttarkashi and Mangalore Handloom Society, etc.

On this occasion Prof . Swantantra Kumar, vice-chancellor and Pro vice-chancellor Prof. Vedprakash Shastri; Dr. Rajendera Dobhal, Director UCOST, Dehradun; Dr. Chandra Prakash, Senior Scientist, DST, New Delhi; Dr. Venketramani of Bhabha Atomic research Centre Mumbai, Dr. Prashant Singh, District Comptroller-UCOST, Dehradun and Head of the Department Prof. R.C. Dubey, Prof A.K. Chopra, Dr. B.P. Purohit, Prof. P. Kaushik, Dr. G.P.Gupta, Dr. Navneet, Dr. Sandeep Kumar and Dr. Prabhat benefited participants.

Dr. H.P. Garg lighting the Lamp.Prof. D.K. Maheshwari delivering his words.Dr. Rajendera Dobhal, Director UCOST, Dehradun

For those who missed otherwise a wonderful event.

Finally this workshop ended on September 30. Here’s the whole workshop at glance.

Following eminent Professors and Scientists from different Universities and Institutes across the India were there to attend this event and to deliver their lectures:-

Dr. U.C. Lavania of Central Institute of Medical and Aromatic Plants(CIMAP), Lucknow gave lecture on Chromosome diagnostics in Genomics era.

Dr. Vinod Kumar of Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi informed students about R&D opportunities in India. He explained how proactive and constructive role DST is playing in promoting development of new areas of science and technology. The Ministry of Science and technology is supporting budding scientists to access major international research facilities abroad.

Prof. H.B. Singh of Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi explained students the functionality and the benefits of Biopesticides, particularly explaining his and his department work in the production of biopesticides from Trichoderma spp microbe. He discussed steps involved in the development, production and commercialization and patenting of microbial products. He also told students how a microbiologist can make the techniques developed by him more lucrative from the industrial point of view.

Dr. H.S. Ginwal of Division of Genetics and Tree Propagation, FRI Dehradun explained DNA Markers. He discussed Plant Biotechnology, Plant Propagation and Recombinant DNA Technology (Genetic Engineering).

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain of Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTech) Chandigarh told students how microorganisms can be indispensable in degrading some otherwise harmful chemicals while explaining Bioremediation and work done by his Institute.

Prof. Meenu Saraaf, Department of Microbiology, Gujrat University, Ahemdabad gave her lecture on Biofuels. Considering the present CO2 emission levels and environmental conditions biofuels like Biodiesel are boon for the world. She pondered about biodiesel from source like Jatropha curcas seeds to meet economic, energy and environmental requirements.

Dr. R. Saravanamuttu of Department of Botany A.V.C College, Chennai explained students the biological control of soil borne plant diseases.

Prof. D.K. Maheshwari of Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar gave lecture on The Industrial Fermentation Process whilst Prof. R.C. Dubey emphasized on Animal Biotechnology especially Transgenic (Hybrid) Animals.

Dr. Subhash of IIT New Delhi and Piyush Pandey of Sardar Bhagwaan Singh College Dehradun with the help of Sandeep Kumar, Abhinav Aeron, Harish, Rajat, Narendra Maheshwari, Pankaj and Pradeep of Department of Microbiology, GKU Haridwar demonstrated students the Immobilized Cell Culture for Fermentation Process and Recombinant DNA Technology respectively.

On the valedictory function Prof. Ved Prakash Shastri, Prof. D.K. Maheshwari, Prof. A.K. Chopra distributed certificates to the participants.

This workshop helped students to apprehend various crucial topics of Biotechnology and Microbiology.

Another event at GKU Haridwar!

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Today I attended another event at GKU. It was the inaugural function of Summer School on The Recent Trends in Biotechnology, spearheaded & sponsored by the State Biotechnology Programme Govt. Of Uttarakhand, Haldi, UdhamSingh Nagar. The function was adorned by lots of guests including Vice Chancellor Prof. Swantatra Kumar, Department Heads & Professors, Dr. Ved Prakash Shastri, Dr. Vijay Shankar (Founder of the Department of Microbiology at GKU,Haridwar) , Dr. A.K. Chopra (Registrar), Dr. A.M. Purohit (Retd. Prof. Botany H.N.B., Gharwaal) and the “Guest of Honour” Dr. Rajendra Dhobhal(Senior Scientific Advisor, State Biotech. Programme).

The workshop is focused on Plant Tissue Culture & Molecular Biology with Special Reference to Microbial Diversity. The experts from I.I.T Delhi; Delhi University North & South Campus; JNU, Delhi; Jamia Hamdard University and IMTech Chandigarh will be delivering their lectures on concerned topics during this workshop which is going to last 15 days.

Dr. R.C. Dubey (H.O.D Botany & Micro) started this event with his words after lighting the lamp, The Lamp of Light in his words, Vice-Chancellor Prof Swantantra Kumar appreciated this workshop & also assured for other such events in future.

Dr. R.C. Dubey urged Prof. Ved Prakash Shastri to deliver his speech in Sanskrit. Though most of the audience faced problem deciphering his Sanskrit articulation but it was subtle.

Then Dr. R.C. Dubey ceded the mic to Dr. A.M. Purohit who started with rather ribtickling part saying that “I don’t wanna die the miserable death of Bhishmah Pitamah” as Dr. R.C. Dubey honoured him as the Bhishmah Pitamah of Botany for the Uttarakhand Students. He has been awarded Padamshree Award from Govt. of India.

We must understand the recent concepts of Biotech & so as the advance tools. For this one should concentrate and put hands on practical work, he said.

Citing the example of a product developed by Japan using 10-12 plants products & fermenting to produce it on mass scale he explained the big scope of Fermentation Technology. These industries follows herbal scenario, he added.

In proceeding event Dr. Rajendra Dhobhal pondered into pre-eminent contribution of Indians in various fields citing LHC,Geneva; BPO Sector; Biotechnology. He admired the fact that there are good human resources in India. He also said that the rise in all scientific research fields is attributed to the spurt in I.T industry.

State government’s Biotechnology department culled Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar among three institutes- I.I.T Roorkee, IVRI Mukteshwar and GKU Haridwar.

The Department of Microbiology at University of Gurklul Kangri is also celebrating its silver jubilee. And on this occassion Prof. Swatantra Kumar awarded Rs-25000 to Prof. Vijay Shankar as laurel who established this department and was present at this event.

Also there present was the 1994’s student of Grukul, Mr.Sumitra Pandey. He works as export manager in a MNC St.herb Cosmetics International Co., Ltd., Thailand.

Final Words:-

We UK’ians can also earn millions of dollars like America and other first world countries solely from Insulin– Dr. R.C. Dubey.

Here’s the list other upcoming events at GKU, Haridwar.

An event at University of Gurukul Kangri Haridwar.

Yesterday I attended the inaugural function of International Conference on Management Sciences & Arts organized by Faculty of Management Studies at Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar. Though the topic Management Sciences is none of my interest, my friend Rohit urged me to attend this event. I was fascinated and intrigued by knowing the name of the chief guests and the fact that numerous foreign delegates were attending the event I thought it’s a worth a shot.
Here’s the few names who attended this event- Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj, Prof. Li. Shengxiao-Dean School of Business & Mgt. Shaoxing University China, Prof. Swatantra Kumar-Vice Chancellor GKU, Prof A.K. Chopra-Registrar GKU, Dr. C.P. Singh and Shri Chitranjan Sawant.
As expected, I took lots of photos at this conference till my batteries lasted.