From Nokia 5800

This evening one of my friend gave me his Nokia 5800 phone for installing few application in it.
As expected I installed lots of goodies on it including my favorite mobile application Opera mini.
This phone is one of the cheap touch screen phone available in the market. As clear from the word "cheap" , touchscreen isn’t very responsive on this device.
I’m typing this post in Opera mini browser using full QWERTY keypad but it is very hard to type on it.
It took me more than 15 minutes to type up to this point.
So if you need a phone just for browsing internet then it’s a good option but if your requirement is a phone as a tool for social-networking that involves typing long messages and blogging then I’ll suggest you to stay away from it cause this phone has a horrible touchscreen implementation no matter how much Nokia tried to advertise it as a Apple iPhone killer.
And voila! I’ve accomplished a daunting task of typing this whole post on its screen.
Time to return it to its owner.

Few shots from this internet browsing session on Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic:-

Installed Piano application

View of my blog from Opera mini:-