Blogging in a new way

Windows_Live_Writer_logo copy Ever since I moved to WordPress from Livejournal, for quite a few reason I always felt that something is missing in WordPress. For LJ allowed me to post from anywhere and from any device – be it is email or phone via MMS or a desktop client. Whilst on WordPress I didn’t find such features initially.

I googled a lot to find a way to post to my WordPress blog from a phone via email or MMS but didn’t find anything interesting. At that time it was possible only with a self-hosted blog.

So I tried Opera on my Nokia N72 but typing long posts into a phone browser was a tedious job with most of the advance feature inaccessible to me.

Because of all this I left with only one option to post- a PC! To post from PC I went looking for a desktop based client for WordPress like LJ has but ended up with nothing.

Other features of LJ that I wanted to be in WordPress were – embedding location of user at the time of posting a blog entry, showing current music track and mood in a post.

While rummaging for current music and current mood fields I found that these features can be implemented into WordPress blog by adding custom fields. It can be done by copying a few line of code in your blog’s CSS. Again modifying CSS needs you to have a self-hosted blog. (learn here how to do it)

Due to all these reason I found eons ago designed Live Journal to be better than WordPress. But it seems like things changed now. Few months ago I discovered that WordPress has implemented Post by email feature of free hosted blogs too. and I enabled it at the very next moment.

Just yesterday I again got an itching to search a desktop client to WordPress and stumbled upon Windows Live Writer. I found it to be a decent tool with lots of plug-in available for customization according to your requirement. In the plug-in list on the Windows Live Writer site I saw that there are more than three such plug-in to show current music track in your blog post. I downloaded two of such plug-in and found them equally useful.

Here’s a picture to show the list all plug-ins I’m using currently.

Untitled-2 copy

This is the first post that I’m composing from Windows Live Writer and I’m so elated to see how smoothly  things move now. And you can see that now I almost found a solution to the discrepancy between Live Journal and WordPress!

music note Current Music: Jack Johnson-Angel